I only spent 8 days on Maui but I made most of my time by diving.
To be honest before I went for my vacation from O'Ahu (where I was a resident for a while) I had a dilemma: which island should I chose to go to. I considered Big Island, Maui and Kauai, finally one guy from a diving store helped me decide. He said: "Molokini - is the best diving spot in Hawaii, and Maui is worth going to even for a weekend, just to dive there". I'm telling about it because finally I didn't dive Molokini. I had limited funds for this trip and the minimum price for 2 dives at Molokini spot is $120. For this price I could have 40 filled tanks (!) to do shore diving.
Shore diving in Maui is the thing I want to describe here.
Similarly like on the other Hawaiian Islands there are periods when you can or can not dive particular dive spots. This is caused by the specific weather conditions, during different seasons. Especially during winter when strong North winds come up, causing high and dangerous surf, so almost the whole north shore was out of my reach. Anyway I dived all other accessible shores, and I'm going to present it. You should be aware that on the contrary to O'Ahu, almost all spots in Maui I dived only once, so the conditions I found there and describe here are not really objective.
I don't provide any direction's, but you can find them in this diving guide: "The Divers' guide to Maui" by Chuck Thorne.
I'm going to present my dives in the order I did them:

  1. The 5 graves - right side

  2. Ulua Beach

  3. Honolua Bay

  4. Scenic Point

  5. Ahihi Cove

  6. Makena Landing - left side

  7. Nu'u Bay

  8. McGregor Point

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